1) Please carry all your previous investigation reports during your appointment.
2) Please take prior appointment of the Doctor to avoid long waiting time.
3) Take a note of the prerequisites prior to investigation or surgery.
4) Patients are requested not to carry cash and valuables.
5) In the interest of the children, please refrain from getting them to the hospital for visiting patients.
6) Patient are requested not to carry outside food.
7) It is mandatory that the patient wears Hospital clothes
8) No Tips: As a service organization, we wish to extend every courtesy to our patient. We request and appreciate your co-operation by not offering tips and gratuity.
9) Consumption of alcohol, cigarettes, chewing tobacco as well as spitting is strictly prohibited.
10) Keep the toilet clean and dry.
11) Use the dustbins for disposal of waste.
12) Kindly please keep the cell phone on silent mode.