The Consultation Rooms for Out Patient Consultation are available on Level 1 of the Hospital.
Doctors are available in the OPD based on specific schedule.
OPD Clinic schedule is:

  • Private OPD ( from 8pm to 9pm )


  • For appointments call 261155600 / 261155601, appointments can also be requested through appointments page. click here for OPD Schedule.
  • Consultants schedule
  • All patients need to be registered prior to consultation. You will be issued a Registration Card (SUHID card), which is valid for all services of the hospital. Registration is mandatory. Kindly click to download the registration form Registration Form PDF.
  • If you have been registered previously, kindly quote your SUHID card number while taking appointment
  • In case you are a non – appointment / walk-in patient, you may have to wait to see the doctorFacilities Available:
    • Pathological sample collection room
    • Radiological Investigations
    • Cardiology Investigations
    • Wheelchair is provided on request

    Services Available:
    Anaesthesiology / Cardiovascular & Thoracic Surgery / Cardiology / Chest Medicine / Colorectal Surgery / Critical Care Medicine / Dermatology / Diabetology / ENT Surgery / Gastro Surgery / Gastroenterology / General Surgery / Gynaecology / Internal Medicine/ NeuroSurgery / Surgical Oncology / Opthalmology / Orthopaedic Surgery / Paediatric Surgery / Paediatrics / Plastic Surgery / Psychiatrist / Rheumatology / Vascular Surgery / Pathology / Physiotherapy / Radiology & Imaging

    Billing & Payments

    • Hospital OPD charges are to be paid on front desk.
    • The hospital OPD consultation charge are based on the consultant.
    • Follow-up consultation is valid for 15 days from the date of first consultation. The charges for follow-up consultation is up to 70% of First visit.
    • Billing for the consultations and all other OPD procedures and investigations is done at the front desk.
    • Payments/ Deposit are accepted in cash /credit card.
    • OPD bill is valid for one month for testing or refund.