Health problems can be managed more effectively if, detected early. The Health Check-up programs of Sunridges Specialty Hospital aim to promote good health and to facilitate early detection of disease and identification of unhealthy lifestyle practices. Positive health is achieved through lifestyle modifications that include a good diet, regular exercise and periodic visits to your family physician.

Our goal is to encourage people to take simple steps for a longer, healthier and happier life. Scheduling a Health Check-up is the first step to taking time for yourself and putting your own health care needs first.

At Sunridges Specialty Hospital, We will soon have customized packages to suit the requirement of varying lifestyles carried out in a completely delightful environment.

For Appointments Call: 022 261155600 (between 9 am to 5 pm)
Appointments can be taken for all weekdays except Sundays & Public Holidays.

Health Checkup Instructions

Appointment & Reporting Time
Fasting & Medication
What to bring?
Radiological Tests
Corporate Client
In case we are unable to carry out any test/s or consultation because of unforeseen reason/s; the same test/s will be carried out on some other working day as per your convenience but within 10 days of the date of Health check OR proportionate amount will be refunded from the package.